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Friday, January 20, 2006
Bush caused Ariel Sharon's Stroke, yeah right!

Posted by J. Oakes Onyu @ 4:03 PM  

@ 11:03 AM, January 27, 2006, Anonymous Chimpy McFlightsuit said...
No! Send in Terri Schiavo! It worked for me!

I dropped what I was doing in Texas (cuttin' brush. heh) and flew all the way back to Washington from mah cowboy ranch to sign a law to save Terri's life!!!!!

But while Hurricane Katrina was drowning HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of people in the Gulf Coast, I was playin' Gee-TAR and havin' myself a good ole time.

Heh. Heh.

I'm doin' a heck of a job, ain't I?

And 40% of the people say yes I am.

heh. heh.

40%? That's a MINE-ority ain't it?

@ 10:34 PM, July 07, 2008, Anonymous Frankenstein the Oompa-Loompa said...
Don't worry, this is the media we're talking about. They only poll Democrats.

Also as far as I know nobody drown because of Katrina. If they did they were warned long ahead of time anyway.
They did loose a few houses, but that's because they refused to fix fix minor problems themselves leaving them to rot away instead.

Sure they cost taxpayers quite a bit, but at least they got their well deserved "disaster"

Now how about some help in New England? We've had more than a few houses wash away up here. That disaster was real.
What? Never heard about it? Hmm... I guess not enough "minorities" (Haha, I love that word) were here to cry.
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